"Ghosts" features 9 songs that span several styles, moods and ideas, yet have strong common threads.

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Adonde Vas?

Bright Blue Dress


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Ghosts Liner Notes

Why $9.95 and not $14.95?

Because I'm always complaining that CD's are too expensive and I figured, I'd put my money where my mouth is.

Songs, Instruments, Credits, etc.

All vocals and instruments played by JWD, except live drums by Collin Hiatt

1. Adonde Vas?

Instruments: Charango (an Argentine little guitar, similar to a Ukelele but made from an armadillo-like creature!), bells, whistles, Pan Flutes, Quenas (South American flutes), nylon string guitar, Bombo (South American drum), vocals

2. Bright Blue Dress

Instruments: Guitars, Bass, Vocals

3. Made of Steel

Instruments: Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Keyboards

4. Friends

Instruments: Guitars, Vocals, Perjunktion by Tribe of Two

5. Little Games

Instruments: Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Keyboards

6. Same as Yesterday

Instruments: Circuit Bent Instruments, Guitars, Keyboards, Found Sounds, Vocals

7. Nothing is Ever Free

Instruments: Guitars, Bass, Vocals

8. Something to Hold on to

Instruments: Guitars, Bass, Vocals

9. Ghosts

Instruments: Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Found Sounds


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